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VSettingsAttribute Class Reference

A VSettingsAttribute is a node that has a name and value. More...

#include <vsettings.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VSettingsAttribute (VSettingsTag *parent, const VString &name, const VString &value)
 VSettingsAttribute (VSettingsTag *parent, const VString &name)
virtual void writeToStream (VTextIOStream &outputStream, int indentLevel=0) const
virtual VBentoNodewriteToBento () const
virtual Vs64 getS64Value () const
virtual bool getBooleanValue () const
virtual VString getStringValue () const
virtual VDouble getDoubleValue () const
virtual VSize getSizeValue () const
virtual VPoint getPointValue () const
virtual VRect getRectValue () const
virtual VPolygon getPolygonValue () const
virtual VColor getColorValue () const
virtual VDuration getDurationValue () const
virtual VDate getDateValue () const
virtual VInstant getInstantValue () const
virtual void setLiteral (const VString &value)
bool hasValue () const

Detailed Description

A VSettingsAttribute is a node that has a name and value.

Because all data originates as text from XML, you can attempt to get the value as the desired type, and if it can be converted it will be. An exception is thrown if the type is incompatible, for example if you getIntValue() for the string "this is not an integer".

Definition at line 278 of file vsettings.h.

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