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vsettings.h File Reference
#include "vstring.h"
#include "vgeometry.h"
#include "vcolor.h"

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class  VSettingsNode
 VSettingsNode is the abstract class used to describe any node in the settings hierarchy. More...
class  VSettings
 VSettings is the top level object you use to read and write a settings hierarchy. More...
class  VSettingsTag
 A VSettingsTag node is one that has optional attribute/value pairs and optional child nodes. More...
class  VSettingsAttribute
 A VSettingsAttribute is a node that has a name and value. More...
class  VSettingsCDATA
 VSettingsCDATA is a node that represents text inside the tag hierarchy; what it really means is an attribute value whose name (as in name/value) is the tag name of its parent. More...
class  VSettingsXMLParser
 This is the class that contains the logic for parsing XML text into VSettings objects. More...


typedef std::vector
< VSettingsNode * > 
typedef std::vector
< VSettingsAttribute * > 

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Definition in file vsettings.h.

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