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vfsnode.h File Reference
#include "vstring.h"

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class  VFSNodeInfo
 VFSNodeInfo holds file system information about a node, and is used internally by VFSNode and its platform-specific helper functions. More...
class  VDirectoryIterationCallback
class  VFSNode
 A VFSNode represents a file or directory in the file system, whether it actually exists or not, and provides some methods for operating on it. More...


typedef std::vector< VFSNodeVFSNodeVector
 VFSNodeVector is simply a vector of VFSNode objects.


bool operator< (const VFSNode &lhs, const VFSNode &rhs)
bool operator<= (const VFSNode &lhs, const VFSNode &rhs)
bool operator>= (const VFSNode &lhs, const VFSNode &rhs)
bool operator> (const VFSNode &lhs, const VFSNode &rhs)

Detailed Description

Definition in file vfsnode.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<VFSNode> VFSNodeVector

VFSNodeVector is simply a vector of VFSNode objects.

Note that the vector elements are objects, not pointers to objects.

Definition at line 114 of file vfsnode.h.

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