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VWriteBufferedStream Class Reference

VWriteBufferedStream is a helper class that buffers writes until a flush is issued; reads are not allowed. More...

#include <vwritebufferedstream.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VWriteBufferedStream (VStream &rawStream, Vs64 initialBufferSize=VMemoryStream::kDefaultBufferSize, Vs64 resizeIncrement=VMemoryStream::kIncrement2x)
virtual ~VWriteBufferedStream ()
virtual Vs64 read (Vu8 *targetBuffer, Vs64 numBytesToRead)
 Overrides VMemoryStream::read; throws a VException.
virtual void flush ()
 Overrides VMemoryStream::flush in order to copy the buffered data to the raw stream.
virtual bool skip (Vs64 numBytesToSkip)
 Overrides VMemoryStream::skip; throws a VException.

Detailed Description

VWriteBufferedStream is a helper class that buffers writes until a flush is issued; reads are not allowed.

You may seek() within the written data until it is flushed; once a chunk of data is flushed, the buffered part of the stream is reset to empty, so you can't seek in it. The idea is that you may do a series of writes and seeks, followed by a flush, which appends all pending data to the underlying raw stream.

Thus you must instantiate a raw stream and supply it to the VWriteBufferedStream so it has an actual stream to do i/o on. You will then typically instantiate a VIOStream-derived object for i/o, and construct it with the VWriteBufferedStream.

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Definition at line 39 of file vwritebufferedstream.h.

Member Function Documentation

Vs64 VWriteBufferedStream::read ( Vu8 targetBuffer,
Vs64  numBytesToRead 
) [virtual]

Overrides VMemoryStream::read; throws a VException.

targetBufferthe buffer to read into
numBytesToReadthe number of bytes to read
the actual number of bytes that could be read

Reimplemented from VMemoryStream.

Definition at line 20 of file vwritebufferedstream.cpp.

bool VWriteBufferedStream::skip ( Vs64  numBytesToSkip) [virtual]

Overrides VMemoryStream::skip; throws a VException.

numBytesToSkipthe number of bytes to skip

Reimplemented from VMemoryStream.

Definition at line 34 of file vwritebufferedstream.cpp.

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