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VStringRangeColorMapper Class Reference

VStringRangeColorMapper maps ranges of string values to colors. More...

#include <vcolor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VStringRangeColorMapper (bool usesPrefixMode)
virtual void readColors (const VSettingsNode &mapperNode, VStringVector *errorList)
virtual VColorPair getColors (const VString &stringValue) const
virtual VColorPair getColors (int intValue) const
virtual VColorPair getColors (Vs64 int64Value) const
virtual VColorPair getColors (VDouble doubleValue) const
void addColors (const VString &rangeMin, const VColorPair &rangeColors)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _readColorElement (const VSettingsNode &colorNode)


class VColorUnit

Detailed Description

VStringRangeColorMapper maps ranges of string values to colors.

Note that VStringRangeColorMapper should work pretty well for some "wildcard" string uses, because the lexical string sort works if you define string ranges with boundary values that are the start of a set of strings. For example:

  rangeMin[n] = "Q"
  rangeMin[n+1] = "R"

This will match all strings starting with "Q" to range n. To make this work as most people would expect, we fold the string values to lower case internally. Otherwise, the normal sort order would put all upper case letters before all lower case letters, which is not what would be expected.

Definition at line 434 of file vcolor.h.

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