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VString Member List
This is the complete list of members for VString, including all inherited members.
appendFromIStream(std::istream &in)VString
at(int i) const VString
begin() (defined in VString)VString
begin() const (defined in VString)VString
charAt(int i) const VString
chars() const VString
compare(const VString &s) const VString
compare(const char *s) const VString
compareIgnoreCase(const VString &s) const VString
compareIgnoreCase(const char *s) const VString
const_iterator typedef (defined in VString)VString
const_reverse_iterator typedef (defined in VString)VString
contains(char c, int fromIndex=0) const VString
contains(const VString &s, int fromIndex=0) const VString
containsIgnoreCase(char c, int fromIndex=0) const VString
containsIgnoreCase(const VString &s, int fromIndex=0) const VString
copyFromBuffer(const char *fromBuffer, int startIndex, int endIndex)VString
copyFromCString(const char *fromBuffer)VString
copyFromPascalString(const char *pascalBuffer)VString
copyToBuffer(char *toBuffer, int bufferSize) const VString
copyToPascalString(char *pascalBuffer) const VString
DOS_LINE_ENDING()VString [static]
EMPTY()VString [static]
end() (defined in VString)VString
end() const (defined in VString)VString
endsWith(const VString &s) const VString
endsWith(const VCodePoint &cp) const VString
endsWith(char c) const VString
endsWithIgnoreCase(const VString &s) const VString
equalsIgnoreCase(const VString &s) const VString
equalsIgnoreCase(const char *s) const VString
find(const VCodePoint &cp) const VString
find(const VCodePoint &cp) (defined in VString)VString
find(const VCodePoint &cp, const VString::const_iterator &startPosition, const VString::const_iterator &endPosition) const VString
find(const VCodePoint &cp, const VString::iterator &startPosition, const VString::iterator &endPosition) (defined in VString)VString
getDataBufferConst() const VString
getFourCharacterCode() const VString
getNumCodePoints() const VString
getSubstring(VString &toString, int startIndex, int endIndex=-1) const VString
getSubstring(VString &toString, VString::const_iterator rangeStart, VString::const_iterator rangeEnd) const (defined in VString)VString
indexOf(char c, int fromIndex=0) const VString
indexOf(const VString &s, int fromIndex=0) const VString
indexOfIgnoreCase(char c, int fromIndex=0) const VString
indexOfIgnoreCase(const VString &s, int fromIndex=0) const VString
insert(const VCodePoint &cp, const VString::iterator &position)VString
insert(const VString &s, const VString::iterator &position)VString
insert(char c, const VString::iterator &position)VString
insert(const VCodePoint &cp, int offset=0)VString
insert(const VString &s, int offset=0)VString
insert(char c, int offset=0)VString
isEmpty() const VString
isNotEmpty() const VString
iterator typedef (defined in VString)VString
lastIndexOf(char c, int fromIndex=-1) const VString
lastIndexOf(const VString &s, int fromIndex=-1) const VString
lastIndexOfIgnoreCase(char c, int fromIndex=-1) const VString
lastIndexOfIgnoreCase(const VString &s, int fromIndex=-1) const VString
length() const VString
mNumCodePointsVString [mutable]
NATIVE_LINE_ENDING()VString [static]
operator const char *() const VString
operator!=(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator!=(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator!=(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator!=(const VString &lhs, char rhs)VString [friend]
operator+(const char c) const VString
operator+(const char *s) const VString
operator+(const std::wstring &ws) const VString
operator+(const VString &s) const VString
operator+(const VCodePoint &cp) const VString
operator+=(const VChar &c)VString
operator+=(const VString &s)VString
operator+=(char c)VString
operator+=(const char *s)VString
operator+=(const std::wstring &ws)VString
operator+=(const VCodePoint &cp)VString
operator+=(int i)VString
operator+=(Vu8 i)VString
operator+=(Vs8 i)VString
operator+=(Vu16 i)VString
operator+=(Vs16 i)VString
operator+=(Vu32 i)VString
operator+=(Vu64 i)VString
operator+=(Vs64 i)VString
operator+=(VDouble f)VString
operator<(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator<(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator<(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator<=(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator<=(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator<=(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator=(const VString &s)VString
operator=(const VString *s)VString
operator=(const VCodePoint &cp)VString
operator=(const VChar &c)VString
operator=(char c)VString
operator=(const char *s)VString
operator=(const std::wstring &ws)VString
operator=(int i)VString
operator=(Vu8 i)VString
operator=(Vs8 i)VString
operator=(Vu16 i)VString
operator=(Vs16 i)VString
operator=(Vu32 i)VString
operator=(Vu64 i)VString
operator=(Vs64 i)VString
operator=(VDouble d)VString
operator==(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator==(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator==(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator==(const VString &lhs, char rhs)VString [friend]
operator>(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator>(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator>(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator>=(const VString &lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator>=(const VString &lhs, const char *rhs)VString [friend]
operator>=(const char *lhs, const VString &rhs)VString [friend]
operator[](int i) const VString
operator[](int i)VString
parseDouble() const VString
parseInt() const VString
parseS64() const VString
parseU64() const VString
postflight(int stringLength)VString
preflight(int stringLength)VString
rbegin() (defined in VString)VString
rbegin() const (defined in VString)VString
readFromIStream(std::istream &in)VString
regionMatches(int thisIndex, const VString &otherString, int otherIndex, int regionLength, bool caseSensitive=true) const VString
rend() (defined in VString)VString
rend() const (defined in VString)VString
replace(const VString &searchString, const VString &replacementString, bool caseSensitiveSearch=true)VString
replace(const VCodePoint &searchChar, const VCodePoint &replacementChar, bool caseSensitiveSearch=true)VString
reverse_iterator typedef (defined in VString)VString
set(int i, const VChar &c)VString
setFourCharacterCode(Vu32 fourCharacterCode)VString
split(VStringVector &result, const VCodePoint &delimiter, int limit=0, bool stripTrailingEmpties=true) const VString
split(const VCodePoint &delimiter, int limit=0, bool stripTrailingEmpties=true) const VString
startsWith(const VString &s) const VString
startsWith(const VCodePoint &cp) const VString
startsWith(char c) const VString
startsWithIgnoreCase(const VString &s) const VString
substringInPlace(int startIndex, int endIndex=-1)VString
toUTF16() const VString
truncateCodePoints(int maxNumCodePoints)VString
truncateLength(int maxLength)VString
UNIX_LINE_ENDING()VString [static]
VString(const VChar &c)VString
VString(const VString &s)VString
VString(char c)VString [explicit]
VString(char *s)VString
VString(const std::wstring &ws)VString
VString(const VCodePoint &cp)VString
VStringUnit classVString [friend]

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