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VSettingsXMLParser Class Reference

This is the class that contains the logic for parsing XML text into VSettings objects. More...

#include <vsettings.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VSettingsXMLParser (VTextIOStream &inputStream, VSettingsNodePtrVector *nodes)
void parse ()

Protected Types

enum  ParserState {
  kReady, kComment1_bang, kComment2_bang_dash, kComment3_in_comment,
  kComment4_traildash, kComment5_traildash_dash, kTag1_open, kTag2_in_name,
  kTag3_post_name, kTag4_in_attribute_name, kTag5_attribute_equals, kTag6_attribute_quoted,
  kTag7_attribute_unquoted, kTag8_solo_close_slash, kCloseTag1_open_slash, kCloseTag2_in_name,

Protected Member Functions

void parseLine ()
void resetElement ()
void accumulate (const VCodePoint &c)
void changeState (ParserState newState)
void stateError (const VString &errorMessage)
void emitCDATA ()
void emitOpenTagName ()
void emitAttributeName ()
void emitAttributeNameOnly ()
void emitAttributeValue ()
void emitCloseTagName ()
void emitEndSoloTag ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool isValidTagNameChar (const VCodePoint &c)
static bool isValidAttributeNameChar (const VCodePoint &c)
static bool isValidAttributeValueChar (const VCodePoint &c)

Protected Attributes

VSettingsNodePtrVector * mNodes
VString mCurrentLine
int mCurrentLineNumber
int mCurrentColumnNumber
ParserState mParserState
VString mElement
VString mPendingAttributeName

Detailed Description

This is the class that contains the logic for parsing XML text into VSettings objects.

Definition at line 350 of file vsettings.h.

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