Vault  4.1
VMutex Member List
This is the complete list of members for VMutex, including all inherited members.
getLockDelayLoggingLevel() (defined in VMutex)VMutex [inline, static]
getLockDelayLoggingThreshold() (defined in VMutex)VMutex [inline, static]
isLockedByCurrentThread() const VMutex
mutexDestroy(VMutex_Type *mutex)VMutex [static]
mutexInit(VMutex_Type *mutex)VMutex [static]
mutexLock(VMutex_Type *mutex)VMutex [static]
mutexUnlock(VMutex_Type *mutex)VMutex [static]
setLockDelayLoggingLevel(int logLevel) (defined in VMutex)VMutex [inline, static]
setLockDelayLoggingThreshold(const VDuration &threshold)VMutex [inline, static]
setName(const VString &name)VMutex
VMutex(const VString &name=VString::EMPTY(), bool suppressLogging=false)VMutex
VMutexLocker (defined in VMutex)VMutex [friend]
VMutexUnlocker (defined in VMutex)VMutex [friend]
VThreadsUnit (defined in VMutex)VMutex [friend]
~VMutex()VMutex [virtual]

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