Vault  4.1
VDate Member List
This is the complete list of members for VDate, including all inherited members.
createFromDateString(const VString &dateString, const VCodePoint &delimiter) (defined in VDate)VDate [static]
getDay() const VDate
getDayOfWeek() const VDate
getLocalDateOrder()VDate [inline, static]
getLocalDateSeparator()VDate [inline, static]
getMonth() const VDate
getYear() const VDate
kDMY enum valueVDate
kDYM enum valueVDate
kFriday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kMDY enum valueVDate
kMonday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kMYD enum valueVDate
kSaturday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kSunday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kThursday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kTuesday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kWednesday enum value (defined in VDate)VDate
kYDM enum valueVDate
kYMD enum valueVDate
operator!=(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
operator<(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
operator<=(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
operator==(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
operator>(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
operator>=(const VDate &lhs, const VDate &rhs)VDate [friend]
set(int year, int month, int day)VDate
setDay(int day)VDate
setMonth(int month)VDate
setYear(int year)VDate
VDate(const VString &timeZoneID)VDate
VDate(int year, int month, int day)VDate
~VDate()VDate [inline, virtual]

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