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VColorPalette Class Reference

VColorPalette is a collection of color mappers keyed by name. More...

#include <vcolor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VColorPalette (const VSettingsNode &paletteNode, VStringVector *errorList)
const VStringgetName () const
void setName (const VString &name)
void adoptColorMapper (const VString &mapperName, VColorMapper *mapper)
const VColorMapperfindMapper (const VString &mapperName) const
VColorPair getColors (const VString &mapperName, const VString &stringValue) const
VColorPair getColors (const VString &mapperName, int intValue) const
VColorPair getColors (const VString &mapperName, Vs64 int64Value) const
VColorPair getColors (const VString &mapperName, VDouble doubleValue) const

Detailed Description

VColorPalette is a collection of color mappers keyed by name.

Often you will just need a global color palette, but you can instantiate several if needed. In general, all of the methods that build the color palette take an optional VStringVector for error messages; if not null, any code that encounters an error on a single color or mapper (that would not prevent the rest of the palette from being built) should append to the error strings. This allows the caller to decide what to do with those errors, yet proceed with using the valid part of the palette.

Definition at line 267 of file vcolor.h.

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